Every crew has one pit and a parking. It is not concurred to introduce more than a car for every crew or to engage the classified pits to others. The numbered adhesive that delivered to every crew at the check-up moment must be exposed in a visible way on the stretches or on the caravan.
All the pits may have electricity. Such connection must be demanded to the camping direction and will be installed from appropriate staff following the emergency norms. The electric power consumption for every pit cannot exceed the 800W.
There are fountains distributed in the camp with the only to reach drinkable water; whichever other use is prohibited.
The services are all in affixed centralized groups. Their corrected use demands only the respect of the most elementary hygienic norms.
All the guests have to maintain the most rigorous cleanness of the pits, of the greens areas, of the ways of transit and the common equipments. The rubbish must be closed in plastic bags and must be put in the containers purposely predisposed.
Pets allowed inside the camping.
From 12:00 pm to 08:00 am and from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm the transit of the cars to the inside of the camping is prohibited and must be avoids all the noises that can bring harassment to other guest's rest.
It is allowed the entrance to the visitors on condition that they park the car outside of the camp and leave,near the direction, a document of personal identity for all the period of permanence. The day rates are the same as the other camping guests.
The Camping Guests must respect all the dispositions of law and all the inner norms that the direction of the hostel thought opportune to apply.

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